Quality in the Best Interests of the Child

Together, SOS Children's Villages, IFCO and FICE, developed a set of quality standards for out-of-home child and youth care in Europe in order to improve the care situation for hundreds of thousands of concerned young people. The Quality4Children Standards were developed through a participatory approach: Storytelling - The standards’ principal strength lies in the use of this method. More than 500 people (332 of them told the stories on which the standards are based) with experience in out-of-home child contributed to the development of the Q4C Standards.

The Q4C Standards were launched at the European Parliament . Since then, progress has been made in many European countries.

Within last 5 years, research on siblings in alternative care has been done by several SOS Children’s Villages associations (France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany). The main objectives of the cooperation were to share and compile theoretical and practical knowledge on the importance of sibling relationships in alternative care. At the same time, to support and develop the educational practice with those siblings by developing recommendations.

As a result of this project, the publication “Because we are sisters and brothers” was published. The most important part of the publication represents a set of recommendations from the project group on how the alternative care for siblings should be organised.

The publication is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. All language versions can be directly downloaded from the website of SOS Children’s Villages International.

If you are interested in receiving hard copies of the publication, please contact directly Mr Jan Folda, PD Advisor, Continental Office Western Europe and North America.  

The International Conference "Quality in Alternative Care"  took place from 4-6 April 2011 in Prague. Find results and information information at the conference website
The Council of Europe and Quality4Children published a booklet on the rights of children and youth in care. More...
26 language versions and the Child-friendly version of the Q4C Standards (in German) are now available! Click here to download them.
Take a look to the documents of the Q4C Toolkit

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